by Halie Steider 4 months ago in love poems

What us mothers go threw for our kiddos.

For my babies

Wipes and bottles, snot and more

Tired aching body always feeling sore

Sleepless nights and super long day

Admit it you wouldn't want it any other way

Screaming, crying I can't take much more

Toys everywhere all over the floor

The postpartum depression that swallows you whole

Lost months of crying that it stole

Laundry and dishes and all of the meals

This is exactly how being a mother feels

Homework, chores, and all the stress

No matter how much you clean it's always a mess

Diaper's off and the kid's playing in poo

Please tell me this has happened to you too

Snuggles and cuddles and all of the love

Trumps all of the chaos up above

Mom-ing is hard and not always fair

But at least your kids can say "My mom is always there"

love poems
Halie Steider
Halie Steider
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Halie Steider

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