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"Mom, are you proud?"

Guardian Angels: where are you?

By Irene MielkePublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Orange Shirt Day in Canada: my mom was a 60s scoop survivor.

In my solitude, and alone.

No texts from her, on my phone

I look to the clouds; she's there

She's is in heaven somewhere.

She left us on this earth now,

I go and get up, somehow!

I am the keynote speaker; my team takes a bow.

The candles lit; I guess I carry her torch now.

What a heavy burden, nobody knows what to make of it.

What a heavy burden, you can't just take a break from it.

Did she know she was loved, and that we loved her?

God, can you tell her, she's loved, and I love her?

I had to grow up fast

People my age don't understand.

My love life cannot last.

People my age don't understand.

I sacrificed, I compromised.

They fed me to the wolves, it's like I was up against an alpha lion.

They left me with the pack, it's like I was praying, My God, I need Zion!

I was lost in nature among the trees,

I guess they all wanted me stung by bees.

Who knew how fast I'd see death?

I guess I was there, her last breath!

I couldn't save her, GOD.

I couldn't save her, GOD.

She was really gone, I had to be strong.

Cancer - it attacked.

It's knowledge - I lacked.

Now, I finally am where I belong,

and time it flew by too fast.

Now I finally am where I belong,

and they want me in my past.

They all try to judge me like I can't articulate.

They try to confuse me, I see they manipulate!

Every-time I speak up,

They all wanna be me.

Every-time I speak up,

They all wanna break me.

She saw my potential, and her disease was fatal.

Now I dream big for her, and they still ruin my dream.

PTSD GOD, I couldn't even eat ice-cream.

I started this for her, but they envy me.

I started it for her, but they ruin me.

She ain't even here to see the ending.

Thank-you, God, for the love you keep sending!

She saw my gifts, and I ain't always proud.

She saw my gifts, and the applause gets loud.

She told me the places I could go,

I just wish that I had it to show!

Even when I do,

I can't bring her back.

How can she go?

I can't bring her back.

I get off the stage,

I feel in a cage.

Everyone wants to shake my hand now,

Everyone needs to go back home now.

I don't do it for the applause.

I don't do it for the praise.

Why are they looking for my flaws?

They're like angry cats with claws.

Stop looking at my cover, and start reading my book.

Stop looking at my lover, it is me you overlook!

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Irene Mielke


I am Irene. I am an aspiring blogger and writer looking to influence the next generation towards their dreams. I want the rest to know that age is just a #, and you're never too old to begin a new dream from scratch.

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  • Lawrence Edward Hinchee2 years ago

    I am sorry for your loss. I wish my mother and I were close but we haven't spoke to each other since 1989. I have no room for forgiveness in my heart for her. She never protected me from her boyfriends. She would introduce me as " queer boy" to every new boyfriend. They thought that meant I was available for sex and when I refused I looked like Muhammad Ali worked me over for 15 rounds. But this was an excellent written piece. Great job and yes your mother knows she was loved.

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. This must have been so hard to write

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