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Mixed Feelings

by Grace Guzman 9 months ago in inspirational

by Grace Guzman

I have a love for humanity,

But I can’t stand people at times.

You may take me as a cynic,

But there is no hate inside me.

No envy on my part.

However, I do not understand

How people can live with themselves

And harbor such strong, negative feelings.

Though war, abuse and injustice

Bring me down,

I can’t afford to hate another,

When I know I’ve committed worse acts than these.

I have never brought a knife to anyone’s throat,

But I have knocked someone down with my words.

It seems to be a matter of perspective,

Or just an exaggerated comparison,

But there is so much work

To be done on many people’s part.

I will continue to do mine,

I can only hope

That you will do the same.

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Grace Guzman

I write about what I like, poetry and my Top Tens.

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Grace Guzman
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