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by Ivy Rozen 2 years ago in sad poetry
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Apologies and Eulogies

Sometimes you make a mistake

A mistake you can never take back

And you're reminded of all that you lack

Sometimes sorry isn't enough

When you're left without a love

No friends to stand beside you

All because one was inside you

Sometimes you try your best

To hold onto all you have left

To maintain your relationships

To keep your best friendships

Sometimes sorry just isn't enough

And sometimes you're reminded of

All the times that you've been on your own

You're no stranger to being alone, but

Sometimes when you make a mistake

A mistake that you can't take back

Sometimes when you fuck up bad

It takes more than "I'm sorry" for that

Sometimes apologies

Sound more like eulogies

And you wish they'd just bury you deep

But no friends would gather near

No memories they'd want to hear

Sometimes it's mistakes that you keep

And you crave the long sleep

And you pray for release

Yeah you'd pay for some peace

But they ignore all your pleas

For the mistakes that you keep

In lieu of memories

May you rest in agony

Playing back apologies

Back to black, don't comfort me

Back to back I've begged

But now I'm trapped inside my head

Trapped inside this bed I've made

This casket where I lay and pray

For someone to come back for me

But I'm a fucking basket case

Just leave me with my damn mistakes

sad poetry

About the author

Ivy Rozen

Writer and poet with published articles, email campaigning experience, teaching experience, and a completed poetry residency with Free Verse, where I finished my first book of poems, Runcation, on sale now at www.IvanaWrites.com

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