Missing You

written by LaVonne HONEYXBUN Powell

Missing You
"Missing you is difficult, I grew up with challenges though."


I thought you were lust, but this feeling is different...

It's been a year

so this attachment,

this love,

whatever this is...

It's tangible.

I can pick it up when I see your name

I can touch it when I toss and turn in my sleep.

Even after strangling me

I still wanted you

Even after meeting your stepfather, mother, and brother

I still needed you.

So I concluded that

Missing you is a burden.

I'm doing time for a crime that I didn't commit.

I wrote "Breaking The Law" about my first love from church.

But unlike my ex boyfriend from highschool...

All of you would never commit.

So when I write I omit.

Loving you would be so easy, missing you is difficult.

I grew up with challenges though.

Missing you is like missing me.

When we were younger we were excited about getting older...

And there I was having visions and planning for a future we'd probably share...

But like my excitement from childhood, you are nowhere to be found.

And I still miss you.


LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell
LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell
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LaVonne 'HONEYXBUN' Powell

21. Organic creative of all elements and writer of most forms. A junior at Florida International University. Despite all the troubles I've faced, my art is something that has never failed me but molded me.

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