Missing Piece

by Trai S. Ali 9 months ago in heartbreak

a missing aspect, is it empty or is it full?

Missing Piece

the missing piece i long for

the missing piece i wait for

there is a home awaiting your presence

i can't wait for you and i to share it

you are the heart of my throne

and i cant wait to sweep you off your feet when were alone

i molded and sculpted myself so i could be prepared for you

but i will need you to chisel the rest

so i can be ready for you

its been awhile sense i last smelt you

but i always remember how i could fly when i felt you

though i grieve because i thought you would never leave

i believe and keep thinking ' with my head high'

that you'll return with a greater abundance of love so i don't have to ask why

Trai S. Ali
Trai S. Ali
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