Missing Peices

by Elaine Taylor 11 days ago in heartbreak

By Elaine Taylor

Missing Peices

I have fantasies of writing about my life

Let you hear my inner monologue

Give you the visuals that only my eyes have seen

But, and isn't there always a but

I cannot recall

I have pieces missing

I have pieces missing from the story line

A story line where in I am the main character

Chapters have been lost

Almost as though I skimmed through them

Disconnecting and dissociating

I sailed on rocky seas holding to the sides of a ship

Eyes closed relying only on my instincts of survival

Pieces taken here and pieces ripped there as I struggled to hold on

Yet I held to poetry

Simplified, short, and dense word play to best describe my emotions

All because I cannot remember enough to write my own story

I have started a journey

I have invited in my greatest fears and have forced myself to analyze them

I am tossing away what no longer serves me

Who no longer deserves me

Me and all my missing pieces

Elaine Taylor
Elaine Taylor
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Elaine Taylor

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