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Misled Society

by Kevin Tennert 12 months ago in social commentary
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Pushing people onto a rocky path

The emotions of pride and cohesion are often overused

The sanctity of the land was badly abused

There has been much suffering for such a while

It has been disguised cleverly as a political style

Many laws have been passed without reservation

Disregarding the notion of equal preservation

There’s a strong connection to its ethical base

Its ferocious treachery was unfortunately commonplace

The lack of education is a common detriment

It spreads quickly like a simple sentiment

It trickles down from the heads of a clan

Much like the sediments of an alluvial fan

It effects everyone not just you and I

During tough days it was hard to get by

It was connected to all social groups

At times they surprised you like falling paratroops

The worst ones are hidden, they don’t make a sound

The consequences are radical and very profound

These traits are overstretched on a spectrum

It has since then acquired total perfection

You see it in schools and at the workplace

It has also achieved notoriety in cyberspace

Many people see it but they don’t do a thing

What they need is a leader like Martin Luther King

We can stand up and prepare for the fight

Anyone can join us, also the suburbanite

Peace and equality are on the line

Our message is clear, we need to outshine

There has to be awareness, this was the case

It was absolutely crucial to immediately touch base

Forming an organization or group was part of the cause

This way we can set up our very own arbitration clause

They will have to listen to us, they had no choice

We grabbed their attention with our active voice

It’s a tough road ahead without a doubt

We did it every day, day in and day out

We never relented, not a single bit

Who ignores history are doomed to repeat it.

social commentary

About the author

Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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