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by C. muse 4 years ago in sad poetry

Kids on Drugs


It's undeniable that life takes a toll

On each and every one of us

In fact it's on a roll

I've took a look around and see chaos

In every corner, every street bench, every loiterer,

Every man smiling,

Every eye that looks with murder,

Now we gotta think about the times when we was smarter

Bc learning how to cope takes much more than a 4 leaf clover

Your life ain't over

It may feel like you hit

The ground so hard and u really feel like shit

So instead of chasing ambition you think the drugs what you missing

And you searchin sitting at home for your next good hit

It's not for you

You have more authority

Over this existence

when you sober but that blows over

the distraction takin course and now you all hunched over

Saying I need it

But you never seen this

Bc when you thought ya life was over it was just beginning

the trials never leave but when you pass 'em

Man that's your winning

That's your fixing

sad poetry

C. muse

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