Minutiae Inside

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A poem: 6/10/2020

Minutiae Inside
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Minutiae Inside

Here lies a match yet to be lit,

Hidden in the darkness,

Where no one wants to sit.

Malison, is it not?

As if a child has no guardian,

Is she left there only but to rot?

She's trapped in some degree,

Like a bird broke it's wings

The flame begs to be released and free.

And even a dandiprat delinquency,

May hold the power to magnify it

Hence, can provide this Lucifer its appetency.

For here is a match yet to be lit,

No one in sight; only the silence that swallows

Its passionate ideas it wants to commit,

But how can one expect it

Like a fair child to cross a deadly bridge

With no one, but herself to protect.

Save her from the treacherous blame.

For one small match,

Can potentially enhance to a flame.

June 10, 2020

Staying hidden for too long is frightening. It makes me question a lot of things in life. Sometimes I just want to break free and be that light that I dream to be. At the same time, I wonder to myself if I'm making the right decision or if there even is a "right" decision. Then it scares me to think that the only person who's stopping myself from becoming the person I want to be, is myself.

It's funny how I tell people that I don't want their help, but really on the inside I'm telling them that I do. I tell them in my head not to leave me. I tell them in my head that I'm not okay. I can't blame them though for leaving because I'm the one who told them to go and that I'm doing just fine.

I hope that those who decided to read my poem can take the time to analyze it. Maybe the reader's can relate to some of my feelings, if not maybe they can discover something new in my poem.

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Doors to Life
Doors to Life
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