Mine Alone

by T Skye 7 months ago in social commentary

"I've been hanging"

Mine Alone
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I've been hanging

Around here again

Although it wasn't.

My concious intention

But somehow I

Always find I'm back

And staring up high

Way way up there

It's my home and

It's my truth alone

Others only pass

They sometimes

Walk even, through

With noses up

And their little snarles

But I do not mind

Because when I go there

I find such peace

It's easy and fresh

And it's light and real

Up there where I can

See such phenomenon

And I know the realness

Is what puts others off

Yet still ill always go

To the place only

I believe I truly know

Which lies between

The bright night stars

Floating up to venus

Jumping over to Mars

They told me to pick

"just one or the other"

Told me "you can't be

Both a hater and a lover"

They told me;

"you can't go mixing

Good and the bad"

And "you're either

Right or wrong,

But never both"

They kept pounding in

That gray areas

Did not exist

"It's this or that

Or that or this'

All of them just

Wanted to end me,

To stuff me in a box

Because of their envy

For I saw both sides

Of life and love and

Most only dream of

So they took my light

Marked me a sheep

Left me alone

And my heart grew cold

My heart was bitter

They made me

Inevitably and addict

To searching for

Happiness in their vanilla

But it was impossible

And I thought it was me

Until one day

My eyes were open

I looked for once

Without their mask

I threw their reality

Goggles in the trash

I stood tall and left them all

And I saw my own truth

And enjoyed my youth

And no one understood

But myself and me

We got it from a to z

And so alone I stand

In the the for now, end

I just keep coming back

To where my life can begin

For it's my place of truth

And others don't come

But then again,

The truth ain't for everyone...

social commentary
T Skye
T Skye
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