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by Kristine Hammond 2 months ago in inspirational
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note to self

Unknown artist

As I sit to write, you come to mind

I fear words are all I have

Sad, but none will ever be good enough

So I beg of you to be kind

I wish I could say something clever

As my soul was touched by your own words

I simply offer a little guide for your endeavors

As I sit to write, my only goal is to touch someone's heart

Never to judge and never to preach

I know it wont do no good

Since i know you are way to smart

You are a woman that can make up her own mind

You have many friends, that you can't trust

Just stay strong and remain on your path

Bumps and bruises are to be expected, the sun may blind

Mind you, I am not here to take sides

my sole interest is your safety and happiness

Never to scorn or make you run and hide

Deep down I know you love your mother

not involving her in your life

hurts her yes, but you as well

And you fully know you will never have another

I know you have your reasons

and hold her to high expectations

mothers are to love children for more than a season

Grown as you are never be mislead

choose wisely with whom to trust and care

Act on the voice that you hear in you head

You can continue to suffer living in pain

or choose to turn your life around

And accomplish your dreams

Inner strength and knowledge is what you will gain

As I sit to write, know that I wish not to fight

these words are not meant to hurt

only to remind you what you already know

that only you can make the right choices and follow your own light

As I sit and write, you come to mind

one last note, put into practice more self care

I am sure by now you are very much aware

As I sit and write, it is you that you will find


About the author

Kristine Hammond

As a lover of arts and the the truth I enjoy writing. It allows me to express myself while sharing life lessons, precious moments and even the unspeakable moments through my poetry.

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