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Miles in the snow

by Sabah Walker 6 days ago in sad poetry / nature poetry / love poems / heartbreak
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I used to skate on fresh formed ice, you used to say let’s wait a few nights, i told you we’ll be missing out, you said i’d fall through and turn too cold, i turned around and said won’t you save my soul, you looked at me with them cautious eyes, i couldn’t help but feel alone inside, you turned away and said let’s go, i spun around and held my breath, i guess when i drowned i had hoped you’d know, but by that time you was already miles in the snow, when i finally made it out the icy bath, i traced your footsteps on every deep and covered path, i thought you lost so i searched till i had no voice, you thought me fine and made your choice, i took a seat on the cloud lit floor, i cried my last tears then found you frozen in time, but the warmth in me wasn’t enough to bring us back to life…

sad poetrynature poetrylove poemsheartbreak

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