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Midsummer Breeze

by Alex Johnson 2 months ago in sad poetry

A cold touch to a warm heart

Midsummer Breeze
Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash

The forecast calls for a cool breeze

I open the window, I welcome it inside

The breeze feels exciting, a relief it does provide

A wave of goosebumps cover my skin, a tingling feeling spreading within

The window stays open a while

The breeze is here to stay, and that it will do every day

But now the forecast calls for frost

The breeze is no longer welcome

I run to the window to bring down the glass, the breeze is persistent, it continues to surpass

The seal is cracked, air pushing through

The temperatures dropping, what do I do?

My skin no longer tingles, I'm numb to the touch

Blood flows to my organs to protect them from ice

All because I needed my midsummers' vice

- Alex Johnson

sad poetry

Alex Johnson

Writing whatever comes to mind.

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