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by Sirena Sparks 2 years ago in sad poetry
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This read will pull you in and send you on an emotional roller coaster!!

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

When I come into your life my promises will make you feel numb, but soon after I’ll leave you looking nothing but dumb. I’ll be stabbing you in the back before you realize, That everything I’ve told you is nothing but lies. You inhale and dreams come true, visions dance through your brain, and then you turn blue. You won’t shut up and I only want them to stop, I’m downt at the bottom when I was at the top! be quite for a little peace of mind, Are my thoughts in my head even mine? They talk and they laugh doing what they do, Waiting for you to take another hit until it kills you. Promises that meth made and so many so, never made up I should have said no. The baggage it carries is heavy to the point, where the only thing left is to smoke a joint. Can I calm down and get relief from this disease, I’m begging you methhamphetamine please baby please. The gift that you gave and left from the start, Took my kids my mother my home you tore us apart. Now I sit here listening to them chatter away, not knowing if I even want to live not even for one more day. I’m to the point I’m giving up I can’t take it no more, you’ve tugged and tugged on me til I was a dirty little whore. Beginning to think maybe it’s all just a hex,God help me please tell me what’s next. What can I do to make my own thoughts and stand alone, I want to rip my skin off downt to my bone. I don’t want this vessel any longer, it’s just making me weak and I need to be stronger. Maybe next time I will just walk away,Only whispers left I can’t hear what they say. When will this vicious cycle end? People watching me,where are you meth your supposed to be my best friend. It’s there minds there thoughts that I know I hear, but that’s just today, tomorrow’s what I fear. When day breaks through and your stairing out your windows wondering who’s out there,the longer I look the longer I stare. There’s people in the trees watching me so I have to go hide,Yep me and Christina again on a wild ride. When I get in my room and lock myself in, this is where all the fun will begin. Shadows dance across the walls and fall away,Oh Jesus they found me, I can’t take this today. The cracks in the walls are all foiled up so aliens won’t pervade, I guess I’m safe just for today! So the next time Tina calls me will I give in,most likely I will just like I’ve been. My existence is pointless I wonder about today, This won’t be the end of what I have to say. I will return with another tale to let you all see, the truth about Methamphetamine!!

sad poetry

About the author

Sirena Sparks

I have always loved to write poetry. It’s been my dream To be able to have some of my poems published. My main line of focus is addiction and the voices meth left behind.

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