Finally breathing, again...


River, river...

has cut me in slivers.

As moon shined my head,

while all around liars.

I'd wait for the days,

that'd warm up my soul,

but death was awaiting

in all of the corners.

Sea, sea...

The one that has me.

I owe you a lot,

but give you just smiles.

As wishing for Sun

to set down the sky,

reflecting its beauty

while warming up others.

Me, me...

The one that's reborn.

Whose flowers have bloomed

while winter was cruising.

I wish, deep in me,

I was always strong.

For nothing would shake

whatever I'm building.

*when change becomes whatever you're feeling*

surreal poetry
Fjona Aziri
Fjona Aziri
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Fjona Aziri
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