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Men Have Feelings Too

Short poem about men

By AjaxPublished 11 months ago 1 min read

In a world of struggles and strife,

Where harmony should be our life,

Let me share a tale, sincere and true,

Of the challenges some men go through.

Society's fabric is woven with care,

Equality sought, and fairness to bear,

But amidst the pursuit of balance and grace,

Men face their battles, in their own unique space.

Through the passage of time, traditions thrive,

Gender roles assigned, as customs derive,

Men are expected to be strong and brave,

Their emotions concealed, lest they misbehave.

Silent tears that fall when no one is near,

The weight of expectations they silently bear,

Pressures to succeed, to provide and protect,

Their dreams and ambitions, they must deflect.

Toiling in shadows, their struggles unseen,

Burdened by stereotypes, yet their hearts keen,

They yearn for compassion, to be understood,

But their pain often goes unheard, misunderstood.

Injustice does exist, on both sides we find,

For true equality, let us all bind,

But blaming women for men's plight is unfair,

For empathy and unity, we must all share.

Together we stand, hand in hand,

Building a future where we all understand,

That the battles we fight, are not men versus women,

But a fight against inequality that should not be given.

Let empathy guide our journey ahead,

With open hearts, let prejudice be shed,

For the struggles of men should not be ignored,

But remember, equality is a goal to be adored.

So let's strive for a world where compassion prevails,

Where all genders thrive, and no one ever fails,

Let's support one another, uplift and empower,

For a brighter tomorrow, where respect is our tower.

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  • Antoinette L Brey10 months ago

    well stated

  • D. ALEXANDRA PORTER11 months ago

    I love this, especially "That the battles we fight, are not men versus women, But a fight against inequality that should not be given." 👏👏👏

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