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I should really stop that habit

What habit?

Falling in love with everyone

And anyone

Who shows a little bit of interest in me.

I should try to stop being so lonely

And melancholy.

I guess this is what you meant

When you say love’s not for me.

I don’t know since when the audience stops cheering me on,

And instead of humoring them,

My every step would just hurt them more.

Let’s leave the stage, you say,

Let’s move on to a better place

Where love falls on you like the first snow flake of the season:

You cry for its beauty

But the moment it touches your hair:

It’s gone.

And honey, if I had given into temptation,

I would have jumped –

Instead, I’m here,

Holding onto the you and me,

Holding onto the will to live

By a thin thread

Woven from too many sleepless nights

Where I lie awake, chasing my thoughts.

Darling, do forgive me, forgive me –

I whisper breathlessly on your milky-white skin.

I always wish I could be something greater than an idiot

Who is both deaf and blind.

You look at me with the same set of eyes

Someone uses to look at a stranger:

Take the pills, honey, take the pills.

- To my beloved ones: you have endured enough -

Thanh Dinh
Thanh Dinh
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Thanh Dinh

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