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Melancholy Melodies

The Symphony of Sadness and Solace

By Miracle PhronesisPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Melancholy Melodies
Photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash

Notes that fall like tears from the sky

A melancholy melody passing by

Echoes of pain and sorrow remain

Haunting the heart, causing strain

A symphony of sadness and grief

A soulful sound, beyond belief

Emotions flowing in every chord

Piercing the soul, striking a chord

Tunes that tell stories untold

In melodies that unfold

Memories of a love that's gone

Haunting melodies linger on

Melancholy melodies that weep

A heartache that runs so deep

In music, we find solace and peace

As our tears of sadness slowly cease.

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Miracle Phronesis

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