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meeting you

by Rory DeMaio 6 months ago in performance poetry

when you want but you can't have

meeting you
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

i find you under the covers

tucking hair from your eyes

and smelling like hotel soap.

duck into the swimming air warm nervous

breaths spent and doubled gambling against

pulses and eyes separating the

jumble of desert hues

your hair my hair our skin

charged skin with hairs standing up

blue eyes brown pupils growing out

and in we are this cloth cave held by bodies

your chest a wall weighing down

i want and you but this is

worries wind in my

head should i know what to do how do you feel do

you like my smile should i laugh can you read this in my eyes

you shift your weight

and nose to nose i see-

with a snap of sheets,

cool air

stuns my eyes my lips my


performance poetry

Rory DeMaio

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Rory DeMaio
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