What Does it Mean to Be Human?

By Aemzo (musician)

What Does it Mean to Be Human?

What does it mean to be ”human”? 👽

Got my odd sox and messy hair,

Forgot to shave and I really don't care,

Is life about being picture perfect? Or is it about how hard you're working? I still have no f-in' clue and I’m nearly turning thirty 🤫

Society can box me and label me as they please,

But as I grow everyday I be shedding dead leaves,

So who I am today is gone tomorrow,

My songs will stay and my dreams will follow.

So is to be human to stay in one place? Live the same day every day until ur mind stagnates.

Is to be human to dream and create? Should one stay in my box an be a victim of fate?

Is to be human to judge and spread hate? Or to appreciate the unique in a world that’s so grey.

Is to be human to wait to be saved? Or to wake and realise to the mind we are all slaves.

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Amy bless
Amy bless
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