Me Too

A story about a girl

Me Too
Christopher Clinton

She only wanted to have some fun

As so many times before had been done

Showed up there slapped some fives drank a beer

Not knowing that she was being stalked like a deer

They were only young men who were there to get it in

Hang with the crew have a few brews

A freaking win-win

Drank a little too much now you’re thinking you’re the man

Now it’s time to stalk your prey like sheep in a pin

You wait for the time when u can get her alone

Push in a room a closet or bathroom now it’s time to get a bone

You’re drunk and horny and not thinking about your life

How this moment will cause so much hurt and strife

You try to pull her clothes off but she gets away

Thinking its a game you just walk away

You drink and you drink until you just pass out

When asked what happened you don’t know what they’re talking about

You don’t remember what happened at that party

When asked about what happened you reply that’s not me, hardly

The woman that you assaulted remembers every detail

Now she’s a nervous wreck but she will never tell

She stuffs it down because of potential ridicule

She thinks do you know who he is the best athlete in school?

If you come forward you will ruin this boy’s life

But because of his actions the woman’s full of turmoil and strife

Till one day 15 years later she has to let it out

Then people look at her like what are you talking about

Why did you wait so long tell us all your story?

They tell you that this man is in purgatory

And what about that poor man’s family and god bless his wife

You are just trying to ruin his life

This unfortunately the time in which we dwell

Where the rich and well-connected men do well

There is no consequence for actions of the past

And others need to get over it fast

The moral of the story is live your life the best way you can

Treat people the best and be a good woman or man

What goes around comes around

My mother used to say

You will be asked to pay for your actions one day.

social commentary
christopher clinton
christopher clinton
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christopher clinton

My name is Christopher Clinton and I’m from Columbia SC. I moved to Washington DC a few years ago so that I could start anew life. I have a 10 year old son and I love to create music and write poetry.

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