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By PhoTucPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
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Poem: My mother-in-law


Mom, it's been a lot of hard work

It's a lot of hardship all year round

It is difficult for our family to eat enough

Seeing my mother sad and depressed, I love her

Father is sick in bed

A Mother's body must endure the wind and dew and work in the fields

As a new bride, I don't understand things

Mother is considerate and does not scold

Protected from the beginning

Encourage confiding words of love

I always remember that dawn

Coming back to my house: seeing that, I silently criticized it

I think I will be miserable

Because of worries about hardships, the countryside is poor

But I followed the calling

Of love abandoning luxury

The joy has now broken

Even though he was poor, his feelings flourished throughout his life

Oh happiness! Mom, I understand

Even though money is lacking throughout the year

But love is as bright as the full moon

My family is peaceful, I have nothing to fear

Now the years of sadness have subsided

Sitting down to write a poem, I suddenly thought

What is needed for "The House of the Gate"

Being poor but having love, I always desire it

Mother's grace is engraved in my heart

I would never dare to be wrong in my whole life

I love you so much, Mom

That mother-in-law, her lifelong dream...

What a beautiful photo

Thank you everyone for listening and reading my poems, even though the poems are not good, they contain many of my emotions in them.


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I will update articles about life, society, stock market, prices,.......

Thank you everyone for your interest in these articles of mine, Thank you all

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