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McCoy Ave

by Jennifer Smith 4 months ago in love poems
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McCoy Ave
Photo by Ravi Patel on Unsplash

M is for the Memories that grab you out of place.

C is Chasing answers like you are last in the race

C is the way you Change how the story goes

O is Only for your mind to catch up to what your heart already knows.

Y is You walking past me that September day

A is And not as quietly, slipped away.

V is the Vulnerability born on that street;

E is for it Evaporating when I could walk it again, just my two feet.

N for Never doubting that day was divine

U is for the Understanding that comes with time

E is for Everything that came after that day, even those memories—they have committed to stay.

love poems

About the author

Jennifer Smith

California girl, living my questionably best life in Hawai'i. Wife and mom. A lover of sports, books, craft time, black coffee, and overthinking.

Reading and writing helps me make sense of the world—big W global one, and little w mine.

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