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"maybe this time"

by Chase Delaney 11 months ago in love poems
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"maybe this time"
Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

I wish I could start over

And choose to be someone you could've loved longer.

I wish I could flip the hourglass on its head

And revisit that portentous night

When I first shined light on my story's unseen pages for you

And explained how the world made me who I was,

How all my limbs were screwed on backwards from the start

And how my life was crafted with a deadline.

If I could go back, I could spin a better story for you instead

Hook left where before I'd gone right

And try to convince you I'm someone worth your time

I always wanted to tell you that I was like a flower,

That I'd waited may moons for someone who would care for me the way I needed

But I could never say those words.

I was afraid to admit I needed you because I knew someone you would be gone.

I've loved countless souls on their pilgrimage to someone or something better out there,

But none of them enough that they would stay.

But maybe if I could start all over,

Maybe I could be enough this time

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Chase Delaney

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