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by Jennifer Doscher 3 months ago in inspirational · updated 3 months ago
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Lyrics with no melody.

Photo by Ryan Hafey on Unsplash

May your anguish melt away with sunset, disappear beyond the horizon.

May the trees watch over you on my behalf, keep you safe as you sleep.

May dawn renew your strength, remind you of the innate power within you.

May your raven guide be at your side, speaking the wisdom so hard to hear in the city.

May the cage you feel heavy on your shoulders crumble to dust and free your heart to fly.

May the stars sing you to dreams, a silent lullaby.

May you feel the love you seek, for what you seek is seeking you.

May you find your choice, your way, on the wings of new perspective.

May you place your bare feet on the Earth, and feel the stability within.

May the desert be your friend, a mirror of discipline, diligence, and resolve.


About the author

Jennifer Doscher

Every detail creates a larger image, just as letters create words, notes create chords, and even the most subtle nuance creates or changes the relationship of one to another.

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