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by Mr. Jax about a month ago in sad poetry
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...To be respected and remembered

Photo by The Good Funeral Guide on Unsplash

They held his remains under the flag

His belongings were packed neatly in a bag,

His widow stood there with tears in her eyes

The sky filled with his children's cries

She walked up to the stand where his body was kept

Trying to speak as she wept

"You promised me that you were never going back

You never told me that you weren't coming back"

"I waited for months counting night and days

You don't have an idea how many different ways

And now I see you sleeping still

How can you leave me against my will"

She stood there crying, holding his locket

A note was handed to her which was in his pocket

It was smudged with dirt with a heart drawn above

The first words read, "I am sorry my Love"

"I know I've disappointed you many times

You've always stood strong hiding your emotions with your rimes

I never wished to leave you alone in this life

It wasn't why I asked you to be my wife

"As I survive every day with your thoughts in my mind

Always feared the day if life would leave me behind

Now that I feel the cold breeze of Death

All I desire on my skin is the warmth of your breath"

"The vale of life for me diminished dime by dime

As I pressed that trigger from time to time

All the happiness was trickling down the drain

All I wanted to see was my family again"

"As that small bullet pierced my skin

It looked me in the eye with a vicious grin

It whispered to me something so profound

I know no vengeance, but what goes around comes around"

"It was a moment in which I felt no pain

The blood on my chest seemed just like a stain

A moment of realization struck me at death

I lost to life but I served my country till my last breath"

"I want you to know although I know that you know

Your face in my eyes made me smile amongst all the sorrow

Forgive me for leaving you without your will

I have truly loved you and forever I will"

She stood there reading all that he said

No longer flowed her tears, no longer was she afraid

She raised her hand to salute him as she stood firm

Cause her love was selfless like her man who achieved

martyrdom..... </3

sad poetry

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Mr. Jax

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