Marriage and Dirty Laundry

by Yvonne Glasgow about a year ago in love poems

Marriage, dirty laundry, and metaphors.

Marriage and Dirty Laundry

Descending the stairs, basket

In hand I carry dirty clothing.

Proof of life, I'm a wife,

But I only wash my own clothes.

There are no gender roles

Under this roof we are equal.

Shared chores, shared belongings,

But individual as well.

He is my rock, I am his stone.

The wash machine spins,

Fills and rinses.

The noise drowns out his

Singing songs I've grown to love.

I love him more each day.

Dirty clothes and Dirty dishes,

Two things that never die, everlasting

Like honest love.

Drops of water spattered on the basement

Floor is cold under my feet.

The heat of the dryer,

The sound of tumbling,

Soothing in the early hours of night

Morning comes before rest

For creative souls are night owls.

Awake until the last load tumbles

Dry, warm clothes offer comfort on

A chilly night fills the air,

But my heart is full of warmth and love.

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Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow
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