Manifesting a Passing Thought

Crossing Paths

Manifesting a Passing Thought

What happens to a passing thought?

Passing thoughts are the same as the multiple paths we cross each day—mingling our world with the energies offered by a shared, common home that we call earth

We offer our creativity, our soul, our vibrations to the earth in search of an answer to the questions we ask ourselves everyday

Each question offers its own frequency, some more powerful than others

As it flows from our mind and through the veins, that keeps us functional, it finds a window of opportunity, releasing itself from within us, making progressive strokes towards its goal

Some frequencies fail to reach its destination, meeting a closed window, missed opportunity, a lost thought flowing over the shallow ground unable to penetrate through the more powerful vibrations

Those same vibrations, which live among the shallow earth, feed off of and build from others, practicing its meditation and mastering its patience

It awaits a new window of opportunity whilst soaking in each ray of sunlight that shines during the day and cultivating it through the night hours

Awake while the moon shines it ponders its manifestation and power, becoming stronger with each passing moment

In a world of individuals?

It is lovely to consider the many paths one thought will pass on its journey towards the open window of opporunity—it blends with another person's, to no real significance other than that of reaching ones goal

Fame & fortune, poor & homeless; need not matter in this journey we all travel through

We label it life despite the very different worlds that encompass our individual realities

We contribute the vibrational energy shared among our shared earth without worry of what has already been created

How we create and distribute our energies greatly differs with each passing moment

Keeping energies strong will keep thoughts guided in the direction you choose

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