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Man's War

An endless cycle

By MissJ1genzPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

Humanity is fueled by duality.

The death of love risks the birth of hatred.

The search for peace is often the starter of wars.

An endless cycle of vengeance disguised as justice,

And death disguised as victory.

The wolf is the villain to a sheep,

The shepherd a villain to the wolf.

A concept easily applicable to war but never fully comprehended.

It is why there will never be real peace,

Because people cannot fathom that they are the villains in another's story.

If we cannot understand one another’s grievances,

We will never know true peace.

This divide has existed for centuries and will continue to until

the fear of injury eventually ceases,

Then we could be well on our way.

Because life’s’ greatest lessons are often learned through pain

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