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Just late night feels



There’s a certain feeling this time of year

Take a glimpse in the mirror & everything becomes clear

So many memories of living in the dark

That’s why I gotta keep a lamp near

The world still got a little light so it tells me

To Come here

Think that i can see her

She whispering my name I think its that time of year

Moma moma are you looking down ?

Moma you didn’t raise a boy you raised a man

Then you left at 14 , I don’t know

Was that the plan ?

I was just a youngin , they told me the world was my playground but I ain’t have any fun yet

This cold time year

Always reminds me

That you ain’t here ...

That I’m Alone ...

That my end is near ...

But don’t your worry

Because I’ll still here

And I’ll still rise

They don’t won’t me to succeed

That’s why I still try

So keep watching me now

Cuz your boi going far

And next time I’ll be right next you

Cuz mama I’m STAR

jrew krew
jrew krew
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