A Sonnet


Silently watching this ethereal curtain go down,

Vanish away into the grey stormy seas,

A quiet prayer for those who cannot sing, I go down on my withering knees,

This charred world burnt to the core, ruled by one golden crown,

Haunted childlike laughter drags me down to the Temple of Hate,

The headless men and eyeless widows sing this song true,

Years go by, dining tables lined with mold and mildew,

The hero we sent never returned, their name is carved on the black slate,

Take it all away! Take it all from me!

Down in the Temple of Hate,

Within in the dark, it's hiding from me, shadows casting along the outside wall as bait,

Set the world afire! Set me free!

Every day I'm learning a new way of chasing the dreams I once had,

I go down in history as the one who is damned, the faithless Ironclad.

sad poetry
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
Wulfwaru the Lonely Writer
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