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making out

by Victoria Brown 12 months ago in heartbreak

i'm sorry, are you sorry?

making out

one of our favorite pastimes,

was making out.

but what couple

doesn’t enjoy that?

it was oh so sloppy,

filled with smiles

and laughs, here

and there

with fall out boy

playing in the afternoon air.

no meant no when

it came to my scar

stained hips,

but i guess it didn’t

cross your mind

when i said it

other times.

we didn’t last long

after that.

and i think its because

of that,

that i still lay at night

and think about that.

i didn’t think you thought

that it would still be

on my mind a year after,

but it is.

it’s something that

still haunts me,

still makes me wary.

i guess no

only meant no

when it came to my

scar stained hips.

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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