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Make Me A Waterfall

by Cheryl Ramette about a year ago in performance poetry
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Poem by Cheryl Ramette

Make Me A Waterfall
Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

make me a waterfall

take me over the edge

watch me free fall then

catch me in a pool of delight

smooth out my sharp spots

with your kneading caress

rough up my soft spots

swim with me at my deepest core

fill my empty spaces

with the force of your release

meander from the mountain tops

to the vast ocean of primordial home

explore the fields and valleys

and as you rediscover places

where no other has dared venture

pull forth from me a river of love

make me a waterfall

take me to the edge

then over then catch me

again and again and again

performance poetry

About the author

Cheryl Ramette

I’m a creative spirit who is looking to share my work (art and writing) with a larger audience. I have short stories and poems in my files, a book in the works, and endless ideas in my imagination wanting to expand beyond my own head.

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