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by Michael V. McQueen 2 months ago in social commentary
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I had an antisemitic boyfriend once

A can of Lysol spray

that can of Lysol spray was

sitting on the kitchen counter

didn’t believe my cute they/them honey

when they said they’d disinfect the place

couldn’t trust where

he had been

they had hung out before,

seemed to get along

although in retrospect

they didn't say much to him

wouldn't laugh at his jokes

no eye contact whatsoever

figured it must have been a joke,

but now I see

that can of Lysol

I’ve made sure now, after seeing it,

there’s an axe split deep into the grain of their being

a knife wound separating

them and me

I’ll cut them again



a can of Lysol spray

fuck that dumbass kid

social commentary

About the author

Michael V. McQueen

I'm a poet, I'm a writer, I'm a lover, I'm pretty weird.

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