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Lunar Travels

by Keila Aartila about a month ago in nature poetry

A Floaty Poem

Exhausted from fighting the current to stay the course, I drifted

down the river to find myself in the limpid lake, floating on a raft of flowers.

Seduced by the blue moonlight,

drawn from my soft prison of petals,

I danced up a path from the shoreline to a cabin,

the gentle scent of lavender led the way.

Entering easily though a wall inside-out to see

the family within preparing travel wares.

I watched. I watched through gilded green eyes to their backs

as they climbed the natural path

from the front door

to the road where they would be swiftly swept away;

they would be back from beyond

like me.

nature poetry
Keila Aartila
Keila Aartila
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Keila Aartila

Wife of a very tolerant husband and Mother of one teenage daughter in far northern Wisconsin with too many cats, dogs, chickens, Guinea fowl and horses.

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