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Lucifers Memoir

by TGSOT about a year ago in inspirational
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Part (3/3) of "A Darkened Heart NFT" poetry collection. A conversation with the devil within a trance induced mind.

Lucifers Memoir
Photo by Cosmin Gurau on Unsplash

Look at me

Look at all that I am

All that I've created

The beauty I behold

The dead I polished new

My kingdom holds many not few

Except for you

Why must you choose the suffering of fools

When all that you've ever wanted I have to offer you

All you have to do is trust me

I'll give it all to to you

Just like that overnight without question

I can turn your loneliness into love

I will take their crooked stares and make them watch you be loved

Look onto me and you'll neve have to worry about looking up above

For I control the skies as well

Tell me

Oh, do tell me

Why must you choose suffering when I can tell you tuly want more

Yes, you a are a sufferable king

But with me you will become a beloved prince

You will stand over cities and never wish

By Omar Elsharawy on Unsplash

I will admit

It was easier for me to try and get rid of you in your younger days

But now that you're older it brings me to tears

Simply because you have amounted to being worthy

Even I, the ruler of darkness admire you

I've sent many obstacles yet here you are

Is it flattery to say you shine as if you were born from the Morning Star

So precious to me and absolute you are

To give you a new life and reign high in my kingdom

You surpass my own without my doctrines and teachings

I'll make you welcomed and invited without skin bleaching

I'll give you all of the earth in exchange for your souls essence

I ask you once more to return to me again like you did before

When you were left in the cold unloved and by yourself

With tears falling from your eyes because you knew you were cheated out of wealth

The same wealth even my own don't know what to do with

I watched you and gifted you for continuing on

Your hatred for giving up is what made you strong

I adored you so much I gifted you women of my kingdom

Even though they are incapable of loving you the way you deserve to be loved

Anything other then that can be matched

Jump inside my abyss and set ablaze like a match

Take all I have to offer and don't look back

What purpose does it serve to worship and in return live a pitiful life

When I can do much better for you on earth in just one night

By Jingming Pan on Unsplash

I can do all of these wonders for I have chosen you

But my brethren that did not leave with me

Keep me from coming close to you

So I'll constantly remind you I'm always there

By Tolga Ahmetler on Unsplash

What more can I do

Return to me

Don't you remember what it was like to worship me

The respect you were given throughout my entire kingdom

Known as royalty as you truly are

Half angel Half human under the Morning Star

There wasn't anything you wouldn't have accomplished

It was all yours but you couldn't bare the pain of the weight on your shoulders

Now that you know better it will be much easier

You'll have the knowledge and tools that we both possess together

I'll take you out of the cold and treat you much better

Gift you with treasure and treat you as you should've been

No thoughts of why do I praise you and get treated like nothing in the end

No watching the fat get full wondering in which season will I win

Choose me and it will all be yours my prince.


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Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of ones own consciousness.

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