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by Khepera J 3 years ago in love poems
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I’m was so lost without you.

Imagine your favorite love song playing while you read this. You’re welcome.

Beautiful are the colors that unite you and I together

You embraced me and I felt the vibrations of your spirit

You glanced at me and my whole existence made sense

I knew I was meant to chase my dreams

But who would have known you would be a part of them

Everything unravels when I think about how much you love me

A love so bilateral

The bliss is unimaginable

Some people pursue love

But we found each other without intention

I once thought my life wouldn’t include a lover

Something I now cannot fathom

A life without you?

A life with no love is a life no one should live

We were gifted this life

To enhance the world

And the best way to do that

Is by loving one another

It is the way the world was evoked

It is human nature

Love conceived us all

I could never negate your love for me

Nothing else has ever felt so authentic

From the moment I met you

Our energy was inseparable

It’s a feeling that is so lush

You rescued my soul from destruction

For I had planned to cease love

From all of the pain I endured

A place you had already known

You knew how to escape

It goes back to the beginning of time

A love like Adam and Eve

She betrayed him

She even betrayed the highest power

But because of love

They were able to forgive

Without any remorse

Love is the inception of everything

And with you it has no finish

It is the only way that things will conspire

We have our ups and downs

It’s inevitable

But they won’t last infinitely

Just like good things come to an end

Bad things don’t have any other choice

But these things we need not to fear

Because pain is not our author

Love is

That is why I discovered you

love poems

About the author

Khepera J

Poet. Writer. Singer. Artist. Creator. Goof. Bbq wing and birthday cake lover. Mississippi Born & Raised. Love Ya 3000 ❤️️

Instagram: kheperaj / twitter: kheperaj

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