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Love You In The Years

by Bobby about a month ago in love poems
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I still saw the cherry red, the banana green, the glittering desolation in which I became a passer-by, the distant dream of the girl I loved that year, all locked into the bottom of the box.

Love You In The Years
Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash

The rush of sprinkling rain wakes the dreamer

The night is silent without light

I still see the cherry red and the banana green

I became a passerby in the glittering desolation

The girl I loved in my distant dreams that year

All locked into the bottom of the box

No ribbons with butterflies, no colorful baskets of flowers

The rusty lock is as bleak as I am

Follow the feeling

Play a piece of music

Meeting with loneliness in the notes

Can you hear the subtlety of the tune?

Lost in the unknown future

Loneliness becomes the best companion

Maybe we have a home after all

Unfortunately, the missed years can only be left blank

It's late at night, the wind and night sneak into the curtains

Turning tears into raindrops

The sleeping people can't hear the sound of my piano in silence

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