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Love You,

by Whitney Carman 2 months ago in love poems
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But I Don't Want To

He can't find his keys

He's pacing the parking lot of the marina

Seeing a girl unpacking her car

She watches him walk up

And he forgets everything he was looking for

She gives him her number

And he begins stalking her heart and soul

For the best place to sink his teeth

They meet again for dinner

He is tilting his head down, eyes looking up

Assessing the effect of his show

His body moves back and forth

But his eyes are locked on her

He follows her home to her castle

Tracing her wall for a way in

He finds a door with no key

He waits patiently

He planted a garden outside

Hung the keys on a branch

Knocking on her door

Like a neighbor asking for sugar

She shares some with him

He doesn’t linger

Cautious to conceal the desire for more

But he becomes morose

Seeing his compliments collecting on the floor

She sees that he is sad and asks “what’s wrong?”

He says “I don’t know what to do,

There is a seed I want to plant,

But I can’t get it to grow.”

Some seeds require soul,

And only she could make it grow

Bringing his garden into her castle,

How could she have known it would grow out of control

It was just a favor that grew into friendship

He eased her into vulnerability


Waiting for the roots to take hold

Until the day came that she could no longer close the door

The roots had taken hold

He had tip toed into her soul

He accidently held her close

Then he left

He held her close when he came back

And delivered his heart felt speech

Declaring his unhappiness

The victim he had been

The punishments he had taken

Without asking for her to step in,

Because he knew a good girl would.

His pattern went on for too long,

She started to recognize his sad manipulative song

She declared war,

He pleaded for a conversation,

Drama is his only tool of connection.

Every time she lashes out, he calms her down

Giving a little, but never enough

Sprinkling attention like sand

Lulling her to sleep in his shadow

Begging her pathetically, for a little more time.

But she’s a feisty one

He begs for a heart

Saying that he would love if he had one

She knows she can grow another

So she give hers to him,

But her soul remains untouchable

And the minute he has her heart,

He begins to suffocate it.

She thought she held a human

Capable of love & affection,

He thought he had her spirit on a leash

He didn't realize there were places in her mind

That his lies couldn't trick

Accepting where she was

Knowing the choices she couldn’t change

Her darkness allowed her to be free from the pain

She was able let go, instead of holding on

And she didn’t turn around to watch him go

She didn’t need to wonder anymore

She had been to the bottom of his narcissist hole

She hides until she can protect herself

While she waits for her new heart to grow

He took over her castle and put her in the dungeon,

But she grew so thin and weary, she slipped out of his shackles.

She left a note that said

“Goodbye, I may have loved you,

I'm not sure,

But you are empty,

And I can’t feed your insatiable soul

My affection was misplaced,

I would have done anything for who I thought you were

But you only feel

When someone is suffering for you.

I will never forget you,

And I hope you think of me

When you sit in the sand at sunset

And the waves fall into the beach

The way you fell for me,

As much as you could,

The way you pushed me to fall for you

Knowing, I never wanted to.”

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About the author

Whitney Carman

The less I say, the better.

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