by Daisy Ray 7 months ago in love poems

Who have i fallen in love with?


I am in love.

Not with a man. Not with a woman.

I am in love when joy spills over.

When the concrete hearts of men crack,

And a smile breaks through.

I am in love with the spark of lighting eyes like embers or lightning.

Oh the lightning of love.

A band of gold made of lightning and fire.

The whisper on a cold wind that speaks not of death but of life to come.

I am in love with the warrior spirit of a toddler.

And the perseverance of a monkey.

The strength of a flower and the weakness of man.

I am in love.

A powerful thing indeed.

Not for the faint of heart.

I am in love with the great Phoenix, from ashes to a roaring fire.

With the endless sea and the waves calling me.

Who have I fallen so madly in love with?

Who have I fallen so madly in love with... indeed.

love poems
Daisy Ray
Daisy Ray
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Daisy Ray

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