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Love was meant to find us

by Bahora Saitova 8 months ago in love poems
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A poem

Love was meant to find us
Photo by Filipe Almeida on Unsplash

Love was meant to find us

Like the sunshine always finds the shadow

Love was meant to happen for us

Like the rain that births the rainbow

Love was waiting for us

Patiently like a bud in bloom

Love was searching for us

Like the stars always seeking the moon

Love was waiting to be found by us

Like a deeply buried treasure

Love was always there for us

While we were fighting for closure

Love will always stand by us

As we heal our wounds bravely

Love will be our sword and shield

As we battle our demons and fears

Love will make us anew

Like the dawn bringing on the dew

For love will always find us

And we will discover eternity’s hue

Watching the sun’s golden light in the dusk


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Bahora Saitova

love poems

About the author

Bahora Saitova

Dreamer. Writer. Sees the magic of life through stories and words.

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