Love That Heals

by Yvonne Knight about a year ago in heartbreak

This is true for some.

Love That Heals
Fire of desire

Taking my clothes off for him again,

His fingers on my skin

Leaving me yarning within

Searching for the warmth, but there is no heat,

His touch leaves me exposed and cold,

He no longer ignites my fire of desire,

But still, I stay in this rut,

Wishing for the rush of the lust,

Returning yarning for the skin,

Ignite the fire of desire,

But to no avail,

The fate of our love is sealed,

It’s a done deal,

In time our hearts will heal,

To find a love that’s real,

The kind of love that heals,

The real deal.

Yvonne Knight
Yvonne Knight
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