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Love Runs Cold

by Kimi Mormon 2 years ago in sad poetry
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By Thomas Mormon

Love Runs Cold
Photo by Vijendra Singh on Unsplash

One day we are talking, and you ask when I'm coming around

Next, I get the call you got your wings and are heaven bound

I want to pay a visit and see you with no pain or danger

But I can't and my heart is full of pain and anger

They say pain fades in time

If so, why would I write this rhyme?

You’re resting easy with no pain

While every breath I take makes my heart strain

You were the better part of me for 23 years

How do I handle all the visions and fears?

I scream to the sky your name

But the silence is the same

You said I will never be on my own

So why do I feel alone?

I got people who care

But it’s just not what we used to share

I close my eyes to see your face again

But when I open them my heart goes cold again

Til the last breath of my last day

I pray your spirit shows me the way

I may never be complete or okay

So, I will take everything day by day

I feel I’m letting you down

So, I’ll sit back and let these thoughts drown

Til the day I see your smile

I’ll live my days with a heart in exile

sad poetry

About the author

Kimi Mormon

I post true crime stories. I also post poems and short stories written by my husband, Thomas Mormon.

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