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Love poetry is the spice of love


By Sal ToriPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
Love poetry is the spice of love
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Love can be expressed in many ways. This is because it is a special feeling that requires a special way of expression. People express their love through songs and even poetry. Love poems are popular and it is one of the sweetest ways to tell a person that you love them. Love poems can be found in books, essays, the internet, and other places. There are so many love poems that haven't been written down and are just passed down by word of mouth. Poetry comes from the heart and there is nothing better than that. There are many great collections of love poems on the Internet. Here is just one example of a great poem that best expresses the spirit of love. This poem is by EE Cummings and is titled "If There Is a Heaven. Here are some of the greatest lines in this poem.' I have never been to a place that is glad beyond any experience; your eyes have their silence. The poem continues in this way: "In your most vulnerable gestures are the things that surround me, or that are too close to touch because they are too close".

It goes on to reveal an inner feeling that can only describe a feeling felt by the best of us, and that is love. A love poem will do several things for the reader or listener. First, it will entertain. The beauty of the language is reflected in good poems, and you will surely find them very entertaining. Another thing is the teaching part. Many love poems have a love story behind them. It brings up the experience of love and its consequences. Love is a positive thing, but we can learn about all the faces that love presents. If you want some tips on how to have love in your life, make sure you listen to great poems inspired by love. They can also be a release point. Some poems have very sad love stories and you can listen to all the emotions and identify with them. This is if you are going through or have gone through a similar experience. This will help you heal as you explore your feelings and ways of dealing with them. Love poetry can do so much more for you. If you want to express your love to someone through poetry, then being honest and creative is of the utmost importance. It takes a lot of confidence to continue writing a poem and you should be prepared for that.

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