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Love of false illusion

"Illusive Whispers: Deconstructing the Mirage of False Love"

By Aranna Hasan Delwar Published 4 months ago 1 min read

Eleven digit phone call

The man who raised a storm of words

There is no day, no night - that man

In my heart, today I am the burnt house of the abandoned burnt house.

Even a person who has not eaten for two meals without talking for one meal now feels at ease after taking back his words

Eating fat increases the belly fat.

My words are empty one day

Whose mind lacked oxygen

My ears are tingled because I am going to die.

Today he is in the wind of other people's words

Dibbi survives with oxygen supply.

People who say they will spend the rest of their lives together

He indicated that he wanted to start a family with seven hundred rupees.

He is from seven billion people today

Only separates me

700 taka looks broken family imagination!

Knowing that I have no house, no rice, no stove

Who told me that it is broken and leaking

Head on my chest

The stars of heaven show the happiness of his soul,

He is happy with that happiness.

He is, of course, happily--

Astrology may also see,

But not through the leak of a broken shed,

On someone else's chest in a seven-story balcony

Lean back and swing your legs.

Self-interest, self-interest! Interests are everywhere,

A wooden doll laughs with money.

There is nothing to lose without love,

Gaining and losing change kills inside.

Change saves someone

Drowns someone in the lonely sea of death.

I am a fallen man,

Someone happy to let me down.

no regrets ---

But no one says that love is selfless.

People who lose their words do not return to their words!

I am a loser

Which cannot be returned to words.

In the story of loving me

Will always go to the interests and inform,

You love with zero selfless energy in line of interests.

In a world of interests, the price of selflessness is only in words, not in deeds

sad poetry

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    Aranna Hasan Delwar Written by Aranna Hasan Delwar

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