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Love Me

by M.J. Katherine about a month ago in sad poetry
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Set Me Free

In a world full of people

Why do I feel this way?

I’m supposedly loved by so many

Yet I feel like I must constantly obey.

I obey your every command

And all that is expected of me

Even when I’m drowning

And I strongly disagree

People say they love me

But do they really?

If they loved me so dearly

They should be able to see

Everything that’s happening

At least to some degree

Surrounded by my family

I smile, laugh, and strike up conversation

But inside I’m dying slowly

And losing all of my ambition

I used to dream of how life would be

As a wife, as a teacher, as a mother.

However, I am none of those things

And I am not allowed any further.

I am stuck right here

As far as I can see

All because you say you care

But refuse to set me free.

sad poetry

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M.J. Katherine


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