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Love Lost

by Insinq Datum 9 months ago in sad poetry · updated 6 months ago

Lost Love

Love Lost
Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

I don’t know what to make of this

For I’ve not tasted Satan’s kiss

You nihilistic hedonist

I thought I got you but I missed


So what is true, and where am I

And how did you fill up my sky

With thoughts and oughts of you, and why

Do I feel blue when I stop my


Endless process of boxing up

Perhaps excess spills out my cup

I must confess, I am a mess

I’m dying here but I digress


The cliff is sheer and much too near

Nothing is as it does appear

My musings are not more than mere

Attempts I make to so cohere


And match my map to its terrain

But now I do confound my brain

What I yet mean in meaning’s name

Is that our loves are not the same


For loyalty in love you see

Has always seemed, to me, to be

Necessity, or destiny

For none are free when love takes thee


Compelling them to hate the thought

Of battles lost but never fought

What is the cost to court the court

To plead for what you’ve always sought


To lead me through your weary mind

In desperate hopes that I will find

That in this act we are in kind

As if one copes completely blind


I learnt the ropes before my dear

And I know how we end up here

These tired old tropes that trace a tear

Are only now becoming clear


For it was just as I did fear

You left without saying goodbye

How did we get from there to here

And which of us did truly try


The narrative inside your head

In which you see yourself as sly

Is nothing more than what I’ve said

And in my books fiction don’t fly


A story spun from silver tongue

Intoxicant with which you ply

Young souls whose song your soul has sung

Enchanting is your set of I


Decanting desperate despair

Expressed as but a bitter sigh

I’m breathing in this toxic air

Stuck in a rut of what and why


I thought our ought was to be fair

In lovely life and love yet lost

Yet now it seems like you don’t care

And all I feel from you is frost


It’s almost more than I can bare

And yet in store as in your stare

As in your core, it’s stormy there

Lovers at war are more a pair


You’re young of mind but old of heart

I guess I knew that from the start

Untame by name, I should have known

That if, perhaps, you thought you’d grown


Beyond the point where we could walk

Without our losing sight of we

That you would not know how to talk

Or take responsibility


You hypocrite, you harlot whore

I made my home a scarlet score

Inside your heart, you were my art

Despite our poem you locked the door


And in the pause of plausible

That you made up to take your space

I audited the audible

And found my fear to be the case


You lied to me and then you left

That’s not enough - cardiac theft?

I like it rough but really dude

With loyalty I’ve never screwed


But you and he do what you will

I know you’d do it anyway

Lying is an artistic skill

Lie to yourself and let it sway


Your view of what you think I’d do

Despite the fact I’m true to you

You’re loyal right, that’s what you said

Yet you’re willing to share his bed


A traitorous and tortured tool

Who I helped shape since back in school

I helped him grow, made sure to show

Him how to know he was no fool


A fool of me he has yet made

As has the snake with which he laid

And could I cast a cogent curse

I would not will it any worse


So as I end my final verse

I hope my tone is not too terse

I loathe that you’d let our love fade

You’ve never yet, your piper, paid.

sad poetry

Insinq Datum

I'm an aspiring poet, author and philosopher. I run a 3000+ debating community on Discord and a couple of Youtube channels, one related to the Discord server and one related to my work as a philosopher. I am also the author of DMTheory.

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