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by Albert Andre 8 months ago in love poems


The look of love

Can you see that? If you look closely enough you might be able touch it

but don't try too hard, or you will distort it's clarity and you'll not see it

There it is again, Quickly! look or you'll miss it, miss that wonderful sight

I can see it, don't know how to describe it, but watching it sends a warm

tingle throughout my body. But I not seeing it with the eyes because my

heart is the receptor, the receiver of the picture.

Strange but it pleasant, a comforting tone, a sight that lightens my spirit

It surrounds me, covering me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet

Soaking it in, I bath myself, getting all relaxed enjoying the moment,

enjoying the sound that it makes. I never knew one could ever feel this way

and be carried off in abandon. Carried off to a quiet place, tranquil, calm

and peaceful, so much so, I can not find the words to fully describe it;

although I'm trying.

I know, I'm there, whether in the body or in the spirit, I'm experiencing

it, that thing called Love, love in it's the purest form.

This is what I see and hear with my heart; A sight and sound that only

your heart can hear, there's no need for ears .

So look and listen with yours hearts, because Love is a not just a wonderful

sight it's also a beautiful sound.

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Albert Andre
Albert Andre
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Albert Andre

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