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Love killed on the Horizon

Only the Nub left

By Raul A CabralPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Whoever was going to tell me you were leaving; such immense love should not have been so unfairly separated. We were as happy and close to each other as on the beach are united the sea and the sand. I have no words explaining this separation that haunts me, you are my life and when you leave you were taking it with you, I feel like the ghost who wanders in sorrow looking for Paradise without knowing how to find it.

There is the boat that takes my bliss, and I standing here in the Port of Pain, I see it moving away and as it goes, I am running out of heartbeats because you are taking my heart, my life. Slowly, slowly breaking the waves to pieces while breaking my soul too, I would like to become a seagull crossing the sea behind you.

As the ship travel to the horizon, my Heart drown in the sea, may I hit my cheeks to wake up if this is a dream.? Return darling, return, come back that there is still time, to build a future together, while enjoying the present. Return, my love, return and come to my arms, on the dip of my chest is hiding a purest love, our happiness.

I remember how everything started, you told me I was your future, I told you were my present and the future by sure too. We planned to build that future on a slab made from love, you promise me to be loyal por life and I to take you by the hand and bring you to paradise. Everything was perfect up today and suddenly some happens and change our plans, you let me know that you were living, and I could not understand why.

I am now standing at the seaport, looking your ship navigating away, I still not knowing your reasons and suffering your absently whit out knowing why. Please send me a message, text me, e-mail me, even send smoke signals, any language will be right for me, tell me that you want to be back, and I promise you that even swimming I will reach you.

Oh my GOD that boat is going away to fast, is she thinking in me? Or is she simply fine let it me crying back. If al least I could know what the reason is, if I knew that I made a mistake, I was now suffering with a reason, I were fine paying my mistake.

Only me is staying on the seaport, only me is unhappy and devastated, only me is crying your absent, only me is dying of love. Please let me know which was my fault, let me know if something was I did, it is extremely hard being punished for something we do not know what it was.

Now the ship reached the horizon, just the remote numb I can see, I do not know what you are now thinking, I do not know if you are thinking in me. Baby, please think in me and I am sure that if you do I fell something in me. I cannot figure my life without you; I cannot figure my life without your love. Tell me something I maybe I be happy, is it somebody who is provoking your scape, please tell me that with him you are happiest, and I promise that I will be happy as well.

There is not smoke signs, email, or texting, there is not any notice as well, I am alone at the seaport and the boat has desapired, it is the horizon empty again.

Author: Raul Cabral

Photos: Courtesy of Guetty Images.

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